Canton Fair – Where to go if you didn’t see anything that fit your business

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Anything can happen at Canton Fair, and I am sorry if you feel related with the title. It may possible that you didn’t find anything suitable for your business there or you didn’t have the time to cover everything or simply the show was too overwhelming, with the amount of suppliers and big venue, you can get tired really quickly. This said, the good news is that your are still in China, and being in Guangzhou can be a good opportunity to start discovering this city and the different markets it has.

Canton Fair Mk Company

Guangzhou is one of the best cities in China to start looking for products for your upcoming or current business. Here you can find different wholesale markets that can cover from electronics, to chinese herbal tea. So if you are sad about Canton Fair – take a chance and visit the markets according to the field you are working in, or be adventurous and explore new type of products, at the end of the day, you are in China already, so better to take advantage of that. 

Factory in China Mk Company

At MK Company, we can offer you a English-Chinese translators guide for market that cover clothes, fabrics, shoes, jewelry, tea, packaging, electronics, and many more industries. We will set up a meeting with you in our office to hear your needs and requirements. The 45-minute first consultation is free of charge – here we can discuss the best places and how to approach what you are looking for. 

Email us now at with your request and we will reply to you immediately. In the meantime, enjoy China!

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