Canton Fair – What to expect?

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Canton Fair is one of the biggest import-export expo shows in China. If you are coming here, you will have an opportunity to meet different suppliers from different fields in just one place.

Canton Fair – What to expect
Canton Fair – What to expect

Canton Fair has 3 phases – this is very important to know. You can choose the one that fits your business or you can visit all of them if you want to find opportunities on each field. We don’t recommend visiting all the 3 phases in one trip. Canton Fair is a huge event and believe us, you will be exhausted physically, of walking and talking to everyone. So choose the one field more important for you and come to explore!

First phase – Consumer electronics
Second phase – Home products
Third phase – Clothing and textile

You will definitely find a lot of useful contacts and you will meet suppliers in person and have the chance to know people who will create your brand in a closer way and also know at first hand the real Chinese business culture.

Let MK to be your bridge in this Canton Fair, with us your time will be valuable and will be able to explore canton fair fully. Contact us now !

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