Top 3 essential tips before coming to China

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The first time you are coming to China, we suggest  checking the following tips before completing your plan. We hope this list can help you for a great trip in China and hopefully land some great business!

3 Tips Before coming to China
Prepare Before Your Trip

1. Define your line of business

It is extremely important to define your line of business before coming to China. Additionally, we recommend writing down your main objectives for your visit. It is very easy to get lost in the different markets or trade shows when there’s no purpose, believe us we have been there. So getting ready in advance is key. We even recommend contacting your possible suppliers beforehand, You can look for them directly from the trade show website.

3 Tips Before coming to China
Always Research the Market

2. Check prices in your local market.

We recommend checking prices from wholesalers in your own country. Believe it or not, some reputable distributors/wholesalers may have or provide better deals for what you are looking, especially if you’re starting your business. That said, if you are looking to mass produce and customization, then going directly with the manufacturer in China is the way to go.

3 Tips Before coming to China
Check All Costs

3. Double check all trip costs

Be sure of your entire trip costs is very important. We will breakdown this tip into 2 key things:

– Choose the correct city in China for your business. There is no place where you can find everything at once. Each region and city specialize in something.

– Have a complete itinerary in order not to waste time. If you have difficulties with this, we recommend finding an agent in China which may assist you with this.

We hope these quick tips help you on your next business adventure in China. These will help you to manage your time in this great country. If you would like additional help, just let us know and we will handle it! Contact us now !

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