Top 3 misconceptions about China

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Before you visit China or start making business with this great country, we would like to dispel some stereotypes about Chinese economy and culture. These stereotypes are always present in people’s mind, but this country is changing and growing so fast that some of the things mentioned won’t apply soon.

1. “China is a cheap country”

We will start from the stereotype that “China is a cheap country”, which is completely wrong! As you may know, lately, Chinese economy has grown considerably fast and even though analysts say it will stop growing, from here it doesn’t look it will stop anytime soon. Factories in China doesn’t work for free anymore. They charge fair price for their services and quality is on par with any other Western style factory. It’s not a 3rd world country anymore. The average Chinese has money and the one who has money has a power, isn’t it?

2. “China is full of factories and pollution”

The second stereotype we usually hear is that “China is full of factories and pollution”. Honestly, there were some problems like this for a few years but China is a huge country and not every city looks like this!

Although there are still a considerable amount of pollution, the government is trying to move and regulate more the factories that don’t follow the correct policies.

3. “made in china”

The very famous stereotype is “made in china” – a lot of people still thinks that if they start to produce their products in China, they will be of bad quality. Our opinion is that Chinese factories will produce the quality of product depending on the price you are willing to pay. Everything has a cost and if you are not ready to accept and pay the initial offering then you will probably start bargaining prices and in the end you will receive the quality for what you paid. That’s an honest deal.

We could keep going with a long list, but it will be better if you come and experience China by yourself. Contact us now if you are interested in finding out how to build your business in China.

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