Top 3 gifts or souvenirs from China

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Here you are! Already in China! And we know that you want to bring amazing presents from China to your friends and family!

Below we will list your the best gifts or souvenirs to bring back home!

1. Tea

The most popular one is definitely tea! A nice box of green tea or oolong tea will be perfect. To find this amazing present, we suggest to visit a tea market or a professional tea shop, where you can try this tea and have a tea ceremony. Overall, it will be a nice experience and you will know what exactly tea you are bringing with you. These ceremonies tend to be overpriced, but in our experience visiting at least one is a must!

2. Clothes

Girls like a stylish clothes and fashion bags – shopping in China is very interesting and you can buy some nice clothes made out of great materials and very on trend. Just spend a few hours in a shopping mall – try visiting Chinese branded stores to find the more authentic fashion items to surprise your friends back in the western world!

3. Electronics

All electronics are coming from China. In this country you can find all new technologies before it becomes available in your country. Ask your personal guide or friend to show you the biggest electronics markets in the city you are staying! We are sure you will find there a lot of nice souvenirs for your friends and family!

We hope you will enjoy your trip in China, if you need a tour guide in Guangzhou just contact us now – We have a great team of translators who will help you in your business trip or leisure travel around the city.

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