Top 5 product ideas to start your business in 2019

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In this new post will are gonna talk about the top 5 product ideas to start your own business in 2019. All these were gathered during Canton Fair in China. You can watch the video for a better understanding on the products.

1. Wireless charging alarm clocks

The first item that caught our eyes, were these impressive alarm clocks but with a nice addition, Wireless Charging. They are perfect for any night table, and they are compatible with new devices.

2. Electric scooters/bikes

The second product we think it’s going to be always good to start your business with, are the electric scooters. Every day they are becoming more and more popular. With cities and local governments going green, this is a great change for any business.

3. Big Touchscreens

This one in particular caught our eyes, before big touch screens were never working correctly and were limited in specs. Now the technology has grown and they work amazing! We believe these would be perfect for any office or coworking space. A great addition for any startup.

4. Wireless charging power banks

Continuing the wireless charging trend, we have now power banks with integrated wireless charging. These were very popular at the show, and people were very interested in particular with wireless charging power banks with integrated solar panel! Green energy is taking over!

5. Traveling/storage luggage and cases

Last but not least, we will talk about luggage or cases . In this phase, we saw luggage made out of aluminum are becoming really popular for different uses. From traveling, or to storage different things like jewelry or watches. We also had the opportunity to talk with a new manufacturer of smart luggage, they quickly showed us this new luggage with GPS integrated. The App is very easy to use and one of the configurations had a power bank integrated. Perfect Luggage for any travel!

For more information about all these products, just contact us now and we will let you know how to get these incredible products!

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