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Sports Market in Guangzhou, China – Replica football jerseys

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Hi Guys!

This is gonna be another quick blog about one of the sports market in Guangzhou.

This sports market is more like a replica sports market, the focus of this market is the replica football jerseys from different teams around the world. But no worries, you may also find basketball, this sport is also very popular in China.

This market has different ranges of quality, normally outside the shop of each supplier they will put the cheap/worst quality or out of season shirts. This season, the Juventus jersey has become really popular. But as you will be able to see on the video, you can find different quality from fans shirts to what the players use. I was really impressed by this market, you can find football shirts from all countries, even MLS from the US. Obviously the most popular will be Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester, etc. Even you will be able to find replicas of vintage jerseys.

The most surprising will be the price, and at wholesale it is very good as well. You will never believe how long these jerseys can be!

As mentioned before, this is a Sport Market, so you will also find workout clothes for gym or even to go out, and the quality is really good and these are not only replicas from big brands.

For more information about all these products, just contact us now and we will let you know how to get these Jerseys so you can start your own business with them!

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