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About Us

Large experience with Chinese businesses, Your Sourcing Solution

With our experience developing businesses in China, we can make yours great!

MK Company Consulting Business and Solution in China


Best Chinese Suppliers For Your Business

We have done our research and gathered the best suppliers based on price and quality.

Responsible and Experienced Team

In total, MK Consulting sums 7 years in experience with Chinese suppliers. We have great expertise in different industries.

Superb User Experience and Support

Customer is always first. We are not looking for a one time business, we are here to build long lasting relationships, we can all grow together.

Multi Language Service

Our focus is not only the English speaking market, our team can cover different languages, from Spanish to Russian.


We offer services for all types of businesses

This is the hassle-free option for you and tailored according to your needs. We will be your hands and eyes in China, it starts from selecting the correct suppliers to the final of the process, which is when you receive the products.

Let us help you to find the right product for your business. Our team will find the best supplier according to your requirements.

Everyone knows how important is to see a proof of the product before mass producing. We will arrange the proper samples and ship it to you if you request it.

A lot of our customers have their own brand, this is good for marketing purposes in local regions. The products sourced, depending on the minimum amount can be branded as per your request.

Once the product has been mass produced, our team will carefully check the quality before shipping.

We cooperate with different carriers and shipping companies that can provide favorable rates to you.

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